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Welcome to Friends Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Yani Feliciano is a chiropractor who uses the ProAdjuster system which is a computerized evaluation and treatment tool that was inspired by Nasa and locates the problem and corrects it in a gentle manner.  The treatments are accurate and precise and achieve fast results. We are committed to not only helping you relieve your pain, but helping you live better, healthier, richer, absolutelty terrific lives without any limits.  We look beyond temporary symptom relief, and help you improve your overall function, energy levels, sleep, moods, stressfree life, activities of daily living and productivity on and off the job.  Our treatments have been proven to help you enhance athletic performance, whether you just want to workout at the gym, improve your golf scores or win a triathlelon.

Contact us today and see for yourself what a difference modern equipment and technology can mean for you and your bodies well being. For more information on the proadjuster system and our office click on www.proadjusterbyfcc.com

We are conveniently located in Uptown Whittier, CA.


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