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B.B. - Back Pain Sufferer

The specific benefits I have received as a result of seeing Dr. Yani are being able to work with less back pain and playing soccer much better.  Since using the orthotic stabilizers, I've been quicker on my feet and recently scored 2 goals, one from 40 yards out.

What would I say to someone who is thinking about becoming one of Dr. Yani's patients?  At first I was skeptical but now I highly recommend it.  The ProAdjuster really works. 

By being a patient of Dr. Yani's, I realize that after a long day at work, at the end of the day, my back does not bother me like it used to. 

The difference between being Dr. Yani's patient versus other doctors is Dr. Yani wants to know right off the bat whom she's dealing with by giving the patient a full examination and taking x-rays, then later going over the x-rays.  Plus, she provides an excellent workshop that explains thoroughly how she runs her show and how the ProAdjuster works.



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