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B.E. - Lower Back Pain

January 23, 2008

Dr. Yani and Dr. Miyoshi:

Each day I give thanks and am grateful for my first consultation with your office.  As soon as I left your offices... I just knew I was going to return to my health.  From the moment I entered your office, I just knew you could feel my pain and would rid me of this evil discomfort, discomfort being a serious understatement, at least in my case.

Approximately 5 weeks ago I could not get out of bed, take a shower, tie my shoes, walk around, sneeze, cough, or even laugh without feeling like someone was stabbing my lower back violently!  With great words of encouragement and confidence, both you, Drs. Yani & Miyoshi gave me the faith and hope that I would get back my active life-as long as I would follow your professional advice.

I am almost 43 yrs. old and due to the revolutionary ProAdjuster system that makes calculated and positive adjustments to the spine which release pressure on the nerves throughout my body, I am almost, pain free.  If I had not met you, I would probably be on disability due to serious back pain, pain that would put anyone down or make any grown man cry!

Thank you for your advanced technology with the ProAdjuster, I only wish you had more centers throughout Southern California so that my entire family could benefit from your expertise.  Thank you for giving me back my life!

Your client for life,



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