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C.L.M. - Back Pain, Stomach Problems

My first visit to Dr. Feliciano was on Nov. 10, 1998.  At that time I had my first consultation and I was in alot of pain.  My back was in bad shape.  Also my stomach which had bile due to gallbladder surgery was bothering me.  I was taking medication for it.  But I found that there were times that I didn't take the medication and my stomach wasn't bothering me.  I told Dr. Feliciano about it and she told me that she was adjusting my back for that too.  My back feels much better and so does my stomach.  I noticed improvement after I had 12 or 13 treatments and I know that my perseverance paid off.

I had this problem for more than 10 years and now I can feel the difference and know that chiropractic care has helped me.




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