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A.U. - ProAdjuster Sleep System


Dear Dr. Feliciano,

This letter is a testimony of my experience with the Sleep System by iSleep.  First, I would like to  discuss my prior sleep disturbances.  Prior to my sleepin on the ProAdjuster Sleep System, I was constantly waking up throughout the night due to poor circulation, which in turn brought on pain and numbness to my hands and feet.  The poor circulation did not allow for development of warmth in my hands and feet.  I often would wake up with aches and tightness in my lower back.  These symptoms disrupted y sleep patterns and caused me to become very fatigued, irritable, and resulted in loss of energy.  These symptoms had an impact on my social life because I was so exhausted in the evening I would be in bed by 5:30 p.m. and sleep until about 6:00 a.m. at least four days a week.

The ProAdjuster Sleep System helped me a great deal because it provided me with efficient pressure relief, blood circulation, and comfort.  I now sleep through the night and wake up more rested, and I feel great!  I felt a great difference after the first night of sleep.

I recommend the ProAdjuster Sleep System to everyone that values their sleep or suffers from sleep disorders, regardless of whether they have health issues or not.  I'm personally making the ProAdjuster Sleep System a part of my health care.  After all you can't put a price on sleep.

Thank you for your recommendation of the ProAdjuster Sleep System.

Sincerely, A.U.


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