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M.R. - Depression, Sleep Disorder, TMJ, Headaches, Neck and Back Pain

I started chiropractic care with Dr.Yani on 10-22-2007.  The problems I was troubled with were depression, a high level of mid back pain, headaches, trouble sleeping, jaw problems, and neck pain.  I suffered with these problems for over a span of 20 years.  I had previously seen my primary physician who prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and I saw a chiropractor for about 6 months, 18 years ago.  My normal life was interrupted due to my problems periodically 2-3 days per week for 3 weeks within a 6 month period.  When I started treatment with Dr. Yani, I saw results within the 1st week and by the 7th to 9th treatment, I felt great.  I have gained so much energy and I sleep better.  My attitude about handling life's stresses is 100% better.  By the 7th visit, I noticed my jaw and teeth are better aligned.  Dr. Yani prescribed the Tempurpedic neck pillow that has helped me eliminate neck and back pain while sleeping and my sleep time is not interrupted with worries of tomorrow.



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