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A.U. - Sleep Disturbances and Muscle Twitching

Dear Dr. Feliciano,

This letter is to inform you of how much I have been encouraged by your thoughtfulness.  First, I would like to review my health issues.  Prior to my therapy with the Pro-Adjuster I was constantly waking up throughout the night due to muscle twitching in my arms, legs, and chest.  As a result, sometimes my whole body would jerk, due to stress.  The only way I would find relief was to get up and move around.  I felt as if I were being tortured.  However, these symtpoms disrupted my sleep patterns and caused me to be very fatigued and discouraged because it interfered with everyday life.  Yet you kept encouraging me to keep up with my therapy with the Pro-Adjuster, continue taking my vitamins, and get plenty of rest.  Even though I didn't always take your advice to heart, you were patient with me.  In addition, my symtoms have subsided and even though I'm currently experiencing brain twitching, a neurological disorder, I know with time, effort and a competent doctor like you, I will get well soon.  Finally, Dr. Yani, I thank you for your patience, encouragement, and the education that is provided through your lectures on the benefits of chiropractic care, by means of the Pro-Adjuster.




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