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NEW AND IMPROVED: Yani Feliciano of Friends Chiropractic uses the Pro-Adjuster on
Norm De Vilbiss. The new FDA-approved technology allows back adjustments to be made
without having to twist bodies.

New Chiropractic tool allows less painful back adjustments

by Justin Gutierrez
Correspondent - Whittier Daily News

The startling pops to a patient's back no longer are a required routine at Friends Chiropractic in Whittier.
Yani Feliciano, 44, who has served in Whittier for 21 years, is making use of new FDA-approved technology that enables her to work on patients without having to twist bodies.

The device, called the Pro-Adjuster, includes a prod resembling an electric toothbrush that is used to administer short bursts of pressure, and a computer that analyzes the patients' bone alignment using NASA technology that analyzes spacecraft alignment.

Feliciano recently demonstrated the workings of the macking, which is capable of delivering 10 to 35 pounds of pressure but delicate enough to work on a baby or strong enough for a full-grown adult.

"The computer analyzes your spine each time, and makes very precise, specific adjustments," Feliciano said.

She then treated Norman DE Vilbiss, 63, who Feliciano said initially was skeptical of the method. "The Pro-Adjuster is fantastic, " De Vilbiss said. "It gets the exact spots you need worked on. I see myself coming here a lot less than I would if I was going to a regular chiropractic clinic."

The Pro-Adjuster works by first reading the inherent frequency in each vertebrae and checks for too much fluidity or rigidity in the bone.

The computer then sends bursts of pressure into the patients' back quicker than they can react. That means no rigidity in the body, compared to traditional adjustments from a chiropractor.

Yani and Miyoshi Feliciano, sisters at the clinic, trained at the device's home base in Pittsburgh to receive certification to use the Pro-Adjuster.

"It has really made a difference at our clinic, "said Feliciano, 45, who has been a chiropractor for 13 years.

Chiropractors say by aligning the bones correctly, a person can maintain optimal health.

For more information about the Pro-Adjuster method, visit http://www.proadjusterchiropractic.net, or call (562) 698-1275.

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